Greek Mythology



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    The gods and goddesses living on Olympus were not the original gods because they had their weaknesses which means that they could be killed. However, they were not ordinary human beings as they had long lives and also the power to twist their fates a little along with the fates of the human beings. The gifts of power which they had were unique and unmatchable by all means. Goddess Hera was even able to restore her virginity annually which a human cannot do well of course that was not the only superpower she had.

    Simon Lopez revisits that world of gods and goddesses once again to show the new beginners how those mighty heroes used to live in their era. Might Zeus is the one who appears first in the book along with Hera. Later the show goes on and we meet Perseus who is involved in different adventures like collecting the head Medusa for a special purpose. No one can forget the Trojan wars and the role of Hercules in his time.

    Greek Mythology

    The most heart touching of course is the voyage of Odysseus as he battles against the odds to reach home. Neil Hamilton narrated it with pure sentiments. Egyptian Mythology and Mythology: Fascinating Myths and Legends from the Ancient Sumerian, Norse, Celtic and Mesoamerican Mythology have exactly similar fun in them. These books also talk about tragedies that take place in an epic way.

    Every aspect of these books is gigantic because the author is not talking about human beings rather he is talking about gods and demigods. The pleasures and tragedies associated to their lives are completely different.

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