The Boys from Biloxi


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    A lot of old history is involved in this story and it is not only the history of Biloxi that the author has talked about. The author John Grisham also talks about the history of two families that live and flourish in the same town for more than five decades. The town which is painted in this novel is not like the average one with decent and innocent people in it rather this is the town where the corrupt of society thrives.

    The town is famous for murders, contract killing, drugs, and also gambling. No one is safe in this town but there is also a group of people who are trying to clean up the bad guys with the help of the law. So this has divided the town into two different groups.

    The Boys from Biloxi

    Michael Beck narrates the two young teenage characters named Keith and Hugh living in the same town and study in the same school initially. The two boys were good friends too but this grouping divided them as well. Keith’s father was a prosecutor and he also developed a liking for the same profession after completing his studies. The other boy named Hugh had a different fate because his father was the head of the mafia.

    When Hugh grew up he also joined his father’s business which landed him in the night clubs. Dismiss the thought of A Time to Kill and Sycamore Row from your brain for a while and try to finish this one first. The drama which arises in the court between these families raises certain questions about the society of that era as well.

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