Demon Copperhead


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    Many years ago Charles Dickens wrote a novel with the name David Copperfield. In that novel, the author told about the troubles which a boy has to face if he is left alone in the world. Although the boy was living in the human world they suddenly start acting like demons when they saw that boy with no support. This was the subject matter of most of the novels which Dickens wrote in his era because his own childhood was similar to that.

    Barbara Kingsolver was impressed by those themes of the past and the author wanted to prove that the problems of the past still exist in the world today. Even now society behaves in the same way when it finds a child with no parents and money. The boy named Demon Copperhead whose character is narrated by Charlie Thurston here was born to a mother who never wanted her because she was just a teenage girl.

    Demon Copperhead

    His father just vanished when he heard the news and the only thing he got from his father was the color of his hair and the apparent charm which was not very helpful when he was alone and helpless on the streets. The boy thought of the foster house as hell where he was mocked and was forced to work as a laborer.

    When he went out of that prison like the foster house, he was amazed to find the world more pinching. The Poisonwood Bible told us many things but this one comes from the mouth of a young child who does not want to get into the company of drug addicts and criminals but he is left with no other option in his life.

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