The Lost Starship


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The Lost Starship: The Lost Starship, Book 1

Vaughn Heppner is a highly successful writer. There are many popular novels that the author has written. If a couple of those are to be named then those could be The Lost Swarm and The Lost Supernova.

The Lost Starship is a contemporary science fiction novel for which the author, Vaughn Heppner is widely known for. The book marks the beginning of a grand saga with the same title as the chapter and that is, The Lost Starship.

Some 10,000 years ago, a single alien spaceship managed to survive an extremely brutal battle. The dying crew of that vessel set the AI on auto mode in order to defend the rubble of their planet.

The Lost Starship

Earth is in need of a miracle. Out of the Beyond comes the New Men, who are faster, stronger and smarter than the old ones. The advanced technology and the superior warships has managed to destruct every ship, which was deployed to restrict them. The spies have penetrated the government and traitors have managed to outbreak the army of the planet Earth.

The Star Watch’s Captain Maddox wonders if the old legend could be true. Is there a possibility for the ancient starship to be able to compete with the New Men Technology? Upon the run from the killers, Madox look for the talented misfit group. He seeks a drunken former strikefighter ace, Keith Maker, Dr. Dana Rich and Lt. Valerie Noona in order to tell about all this.

The narration of this novel is done by David Stifel. The book in audio format got great appreciation where a good share of its success goes to the outstanding performance of David Stifel as well.


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