The Lost Command


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    The novelist, Vaughn Heppner is world class in his domain of fictional literary writing. The Lost Swarm and The Lost Supernova are quite phenomenally written novels by Vaughn Heppner. These novels are both from The Last Starship and managed to earn great respect and admiration from the audience and also critics.

    The Lost Command is a contemporary science fiction novel. The book is part 2 of the Lost Starship novel series. Mark Boyett is the voice behind the phenomenal success of the audiobook of this novel. His performance with his soulful voice and stern tone was admired by the majority of listeners.

    The Lost Command

    A faithful spaceship guarding its broken system for thousands of years finally agrees to arrive at Earth. The Captain Moddox and his men now have an entirely new assignment. They are all supposed to locate Professor Ludendorff. They needed to do this before the new Men could find him.

    The New Men requires the help of Professor Ludendorff so they could go on to catch the alien starship. Maddox is supposed to get neglect the superweapons repaired. This is important for him to rescue the Star Watch fleet that is trapped somewhere deep down in the territory of the enemy.

    But, the time is quickly running out for the battered and stranded fleet. They are extremely low on fuel, food, missiles and many other necessary commodities. Even worse thing for Maddox is that Meta is missing. Meta is actually kidnapped by the enemy. On the other hand, the estranged personality in AI finds it hard to cope with the novice era.

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