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Jonathan Kellerman is super-sharp with his storytelling and character creation, which is truly depicted in this crime thriller, Motive. The story promises to keep you hooked with the characters right till the end. The two brilliant characters, the homicide cop, Milo Sturgis and detective Alex Delaware stars yet again with their brilliant story building. Their target this time is to breakthrough a nasty criminal mind in order to find out the truth.

Milo Sturgis despite having a huge number of resolved cases to his credit had a tough time bringing this case to a successful closure. A young woman, Katherine Hennepin is the victim, who got stabbed and strangled in her home. Just a single suspect and that too with a perfect alibi could only lead to dead end, something, which was also not possible to be explained by a veteran detective like Alex Delaware. The only chance to keep the detectives busy was to move on to the next case, which both Milo Sturgis and Alex Delaware did.


When the Bough Breaks and The Wedding Guest are two other masterpieces by Jonathan Kellerman, where again the brilliance of characters, situations, twists and turns add to the charm of these amazing stories. Motive is again a crime story, where another victim this time is an attractive divorcee, Ursula Corey, who’s been gunned down. The prime suspects were the ex-husband of the woman, who was also his business partner. The other suspect was her divorce lawyer, who was also her secret lover.

It was just about that moment when both the detectives had almost narrowed down the case to its due conclusion, and then, a new twist comes in that made the entire situation so bizarre. It was all leading to the identification of a serial killer having a signature style of killing multiple women in this story.



The Wedding Guest

King of Sword and Sky


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