The Gray Ghost


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    The day Cliver Cussler and Robin Burcell started working together, the series started to move toward historical incidents. We can clearly see this idea working in the previous part of the Sam and Remi series The Romanov Ransom in which Russian history was investigated this time the case has its roots in England.

    The novel first opens in 1906 when the Rolls-Royce prototype was stolen in England and later with the help of an American it was recovered and the case was closed. The whole blame was left on a single person whose family faces the burden of insult even after a hundred year span.


    Now in the present day the grandson of Marcus comes to Sam and Remi for help in the case that destroyed the name of his grandson forever. The case becomes interesting all of a sudden when the same car known as the Gray Ghost is stolen again. There is much more to the case this time as the investigators come to know that the car was not just an antique it also possessed something special.

    The Gray Ghost

    The car had an object that could change life of the people within no time. Now the question arises that why it was stolen a hundred years before and then left on the street later perhaps it had been used before in order to bring a change in the world.

    There is no running this time as the story sticks to just the two countries, more planning can be seen from each side and vulgar fights are few and far between. Scott Brick is moving nicely along the series with his narration as it almost approaches to its tenth part.


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