The Wedding Guest


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    The book became the best seller in the New York Times for having all the great ingredients that crime fiction should have. The wedding reception is the crime scene, where Alex Delaware, the psychologist, and Milo Sturgis, the detective has the prime roles in solving the crime at the wedding.

    Milo Sturgis is more known for his homicide detective approach but makes the most of his psychologist friend in order to get into the mind of a killer. Sturgis is also known for having the knack of expertly putting together and relating different details of the crime.

    On the other side, Delaware can play his role in deciphering all the darkest and hardest intents that drives life and lust. The story is about the adventures of detective and psychologist and the latter suddenly after a few misadventures are posed with death threats.

    It was the bridesmaid who discovered the dead body of a young woman at the wedding. The dead body was not been able to identify as no one at the wedding reception had any idea about her. The bride was completely convinced that all this happened to sabotage her wedding, while the groom considered that crime to be a mistake.

    The Wedding Guest

    However, the uninvited guests at the wedding, Delaware, and Sturgis had different thoughts and looked at the incident more practically and professionally. They questioned a lot of guests at the wedding and it was suspected that murder was done for some personal reasons.

    The party was well over and the remaining night was all about finding the killer. The detective and psychologist made a wonderful team to uncover all the details of the murder. Some other amazing books by Jonathan Kellerman include Night Moves and When the Bough Breaks, which are top-notch for the plot and amazing storytelling.

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