The Murder Book


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    Jonathan Kellerman is a master when it comes to narrating criminal stories and this book just endorse that fact. His character Alex Delaware in this psychological thriller confronts a mysterious brutal murder. His life was at stake in resolving this murder along with his dearest co-detective, Milo Sturgis.

    All this takes a mysterious turn in the story when Alex receives a mysterious packet through the mail that has no return address at all. In the packet, there was an overelaborate album containing the crime pictures. Alex was absolutely clueless about receiving such a packet, but Alex with his visionary power was able to see through one of the pictures that shows a young woman, strangled, brutally tortured and dumped just by a ramp nearby.

    This was one of the first cases that Milo took as a novice homicide cop, but he failed to take the case to its poetic justice. The main reason behind this failure was that their department completely closed them just by the time, they began to dig out the truth about the murder.

    The Murder Book

    The story goes a couple of decades ahead when another character decides to dig the past. Milo and Alex started again from scratch to find out what exactly happened 0 years ago. They were followed for their each and every move and this brought their lives in danger. Upon going further deep in the case, they both found that the murder of the girl had some chilling consequences, which were far more painful than the loss of 1 life.

    The Murder Book, by all means, is a super classical thriller of good and bad, sin and sacrifice. If you are a fan of this book, then it is highly recommended to also read The Wedding Guest and Night Moves. Both books are crime thriller investigating murders and finding ways through mysterious situations.

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