Spider-Man: The Darkest Hours


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    Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man comes to the Time square for another duel with an old nemesis that he has long forgotten. Happiest days of his life are taken away from him as a result because he finally got married to the girl of his dreams i.e M.J.  Blessed with a nice job in school as a science teacher was all he was looking for to earn his livelihood.

    All the problems of his life were over since no villain was bothering him in his sweet married life. Rhino brings catastrophe on the city and thus must be stopped at any rate so wearing Spider-Man suit once again was not a bad idea.

    Peter Parker lands on the point but meets the Black Cat instead of Rhino; Black Cat has been one of those naughty girls Peter once started to like. The old spark still remains between the two and that’s why the girl wants to save Peter from the upcoming dangers. Rhino was just planted in the square to bring Spider-Man out of the hidings. The Ancients want revenge from Peter and this time they also want to extract his powers too.

    Spider-Man: The Darkest Hours

    Jim Butcher knits some domestic problems for Parker as well in the form of a jealous Marry James who does not like the presence of Black Cat around her husband. Cuphead in Carnival Chaos and Never Rest are in the same childlike tone, in these books even the narrator is the same i.e Jack Meloche.

    Jack narrates in a way that children and teenager are attracted to it like magnet. The listener can feel the jumps of the Spider-Man on tall buildings and then there are romance scenes for the teenagers.


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