The Grownup


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    It is not completely a ghost story and in the middle of the story, the listener would not have to say that there are no ghosts involved in it. Gillian Flynn dramatizes the novel quite well when the story enters into big house of the Victorian era. The novel was basically dependent on dramatization because the story would have lost all its charm if it wasn’t portrayed in an accurate fashion. The narrator of the story which the author introduces is actually an unknown woman because the author has not given her a proper name.

    Perhaps the author wanted to give a mysterious touch to the personality of the narrator who has the power to read mind and palms at the same time. Susan Burke shows on the doorstep of the narrator one day and though Susan was a happy woman apparently, the narrator thinks that she has certain secrets linked to her life which are making her sad.

    The two women go back to the mysterious house which is supposed to be haunted by ghosts. Although the narrator does not find any ghost initially but she finds the boy i.e Susan’s stepson quite annoying. Apparently the boy was not a trouble maker but his existence can make anyone feel sick of the surroundings.

    The Grownup

    Julia Whelan has not given any special effect to the voice of any character but all of them are narrated excellently. Sharp Objects and Dark Places were spooky and this particular novel will give you an even crazier feeling. For a long time the confusions which develop in the big house can make the audience completely stunned.

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