Once a Pilgrim


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    A thriller is what people usually demand of these days that can make them feel the energy in them up to the maximum limits. James Deegan in this thriller series of John Carr creates a whole new world of action, suspense, and crime as the basic elements. The story starts with some reference to John’s past who has been working for a security agency after his retirement and active life in the S.A.S.

    Once a Pilgrim

    John is the daring sort of a person who likes to plays with danger and spend a life full of action that included fights, chases and of course murders are always on top of the list in such cases. A terrorist attack is what we first hear with a reference to John’s past in which he killed the three terrorists in his fight against him. The case somehow once again comes back in his life it becomes a teasing thing for him in his old age in which he liked a little bit of peace. This time the gang has hired a hit man for the revenge of that killing.

    John’s family also is under threat this time which leaves him no other way than to become the same old cruel killer that once he used to be. Narration is wonderful in the voice of Joshua Manning that takes us back and forth in the life of John Carr and we feel that the story hints that this is not the end of John’s missions this is the start of a new chapter in his life, a life that he hoped to be peaceful and without the sound of guns and without the faces of dead bodies all the time.

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