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    Gabe Durham writes and narrates a wonderful incident in history that joins a religion and the world of games in an entirely new way. The unlicensed company tries to develop a game just for the sake of money and nothing else also it wants to save itself from the attack from Nintendo which is a must if you want to survive and excel further in the world of games.

    The company quite surprisingly uses religion for the promotion of their game and names their game as games for Christians that make it more appealing to the Christian world also this title saves them from certain legal issues. The company released its first creation in 1990 as the Bible Adventures that became famous all over the world and gained fame in every sector not because of the game but because of the name that was appealing to the minds. The story is about the continuous ups and downs of the little company and the techniques that are used for its survival in the competitive environment.

    Bible Adventures Audiobook

    Gabe Durham has surely written this story after getting all the details from the Wisdom Tree staff thus all the techniques of the company of mixing religion and business together for success are quite nicely described in the book along with past references and the correct launching dates of different products of the company. All this makes the story more real. It also tells us a lot about the bad games and their impact on mind and market. Gabe Durham’s narration starts a little slow but toward the middle, we get used to it and the rest of the journey is a nice one.

    So, you can enjoy the story, listening to the events and the characters and how they carry on the interest until the end of the story.

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