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    The fixer is series is a masterpiece by Jennifer Lynn Barnes in which she has successfully portrayed to life like a character that is not heroic or action loving rather they are a bit corrupt from the inside which makes them more lifelike. The two sisters Tess and Ivy are the undercover fixers who live a dual life. Tess the younger one comes to know her sister’s secret when she settles with her, Ivy was Washington’s number one when it comes to fixing and that instead of alarming Tess impressed her and she too started the same game at her high school level.

    The story wonderfully flows and takes the reader with it and then we are suddenly hit with brakes when the two sisters who are skilled in fixing scandals and solving the problems of others ironically fall into a trap. The sisters are trapped by proper planning of the two groups who know both of them quite well and this time the game goes much more ahead of the hands of these two sisters.

    The Fixer Audiobook 1-2

    Even in the second book, the writer has fully shown the true picture of the politicians and their families and how they hide their dark secrets and how everything is usually fixed by these so-called fixers who play an underhand game even at school levels in America and other countries of the world. The description and the details are excellent, even the use of words and the selection of scenes are all accurate.

    Cassandra Morris’ narration also blends well with the whole situation and it is an awesome thing to hear if anyone is interested in politics and other political games.  Other such books including Chaosbound, book 8 of the Runelords series – David Farland and Freak Show – James St. James are also good reads for those who love novels thrillers and fantasy based stories.

    Book 1:

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    Book 2

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