Flowers in the Attic

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    Mena Suvari is not an ordinary narrator at all and Gillian Flynn is an equally good writer. The two of them gathered for this novel and produced a story which is loaded with all the basic ingredients. Three Women and The Great Peace were narrated by Mena as well and the two novels really polished the skills of the author which got depicted in this novel. In the attic of a big room there are four children that are hidden with a secret of their own.

    Once they were living like a good average family and they were quite contended with it. Then after the death of their father the issue of the family inheritance made them suffer really hard. Their mother seems to forget all about their existence and the cruel grandmother wants to keep them locked in the attic.

    The big house of their grandmother happens to be an ideal place where the children can be put aside and later forgotten forever. In these dark days, these four children have one another for company because they are not allowed to meet anyone.

    Flowers in the Attic

    They share with one another the fear which they bear and also the loneliness which terrorizes them every day. For years they struggle together and wait for the day when the world would finally know the secret linked to them. It is a story of hate, greed and also of inheritance issue that makes the innocent suffer on most occasions. For a long time the children don’t fight for their right because they remain unaware of what has happened to them until the day reality strikes them hard.

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