The Land: Alliances


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    The voice of Nick Podehl touches our hearts and ears once again as we come to the third part of the Chaos seeds series by Aleron Kong. The writer has put everything in this chapter and it becomes difficult for us to properly name the category in which this book lies.

    The Land: Alliances

    There is fantasy, action, the scenes of horror that terrifies us and then of course there is comedy as well. The writer creates a wonderland for all the people with different tastes. It’s like a mix treat for all and not only this chapter but the whole series whether you read The Land: Forging or The Land: Founding: A LitRPG Saga there is always something in it for you.

    The quest of Richter and Sion keeps the passion alive and is the single link between the parts of this series otherwise they could serve as separate novels. In this part the battle goes bigger and bigger for the two as they awake the deadly spirits they fail handle. Richter and Sion find them stranded and without resources this time.

    The Land: Alliances

    More to their amazement their enemies have increased in number and within no time they found themselves entrapped in the ring from which there is no escape.

    Even in such a precarious situation the writer finds a bit of humor for his masterpiece characters as they show no fear at all. At the same time the poor souls have no solution of their enemies as well they just hope that the mist will eat them up and would spare their lives.

    The adventuring passion can be seen in abundance this time and one can hope that this series would continue on getting better and better all the time.

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