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Love join hands with lust and the more Bryce and Marjorie want to separate there ways the more the roads of their lives collide. Bryce had only one way of getting away from the girl who was so desperate to have him in Breathless. After marriage he never thought that he would have such an experience with a girl but there she was on the ranch waiting for his lusty kisses all the time. It is not the present but the past that stops him from getting closer to the girl. He knows that she is a perfect match for him but his father’s crime list is ample to have him suffer to eternity.

Not hate but love makes Bryce separate from Marjorie Steel. The girl in her broken condition first wants shelter in the start of this part and then she wants to destroy herself completely. In this way she thinks that she can take revenge from the man who really loved her but never allowed her to enter his life. The steel wastes time in the gym and with the man she spends time in the gym but life is not same for her.


She wants to know the reason for the rejection from the man who still has love for her in his eyes. She knows that the reason is something more but Bryce does not allow her to dig deep. Bryce knows that if the girl of her dream digs deep she would be in that pit forever like him thus it is better to move on the separate ways but fate has other plans.

Like Burn the passion excites the two so much that they are not ready to live without the sensation they had on the ranch. It is the band of John Lane, Lauren Rowe and M. Hendley again for the narration and is great because the listeners tend to form an association with the voices and a change destroys all the fun.





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