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    Amalgam of past and present is the basic strength of the series and each time the two lovers collide there is a past that stops them from being together. First it was the brother trio of which the first nine books told us a lot. How they got into love affairs and then those love affairs gave them the strength to face the past that was haunting them to the core. Marjorie Steel the girl in the house is in the spotlight now, she is in love but the man she loves is of strange type.

    Marjorie despite of her busyness with her friend just cannot get her eyes away of Bryce. Bryce on the other hand is a broken man he has domestic and social issues that have taken his smile away from him. His father is dead but the deeds are still there and it is rightly said:”A deed once done cannot be undone”. Bryce father’s ill doings have made the family perish, moreover the man had to take care of his son too and it is difficult time in all regard. Helen Hardt again makes a situation that we have enjoyed so many times in Craving and Burn i.e a desperate desire to break the shackles and set oneself free.


    Bryce wants to be with the girl who kisses her with passion like none other and the Steel’s have given him a chance to start living life once again by working on their farm on healthy wages. There is nothing to be sad now for Bryce but despite of his love he us still hesitant to make love with the girl who is desperate about him and the only issue is that he too loves her to the core. He thinks that the girl needs a better man; her crush on him can make her fall in a pit. John Lane, Lauren Rowe and M. Hendley narrate separate characters and handle male and female voice well.

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