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    The wanted to keep each other away but failed then they tried to run away from one another as far as they could but once again they failed heavily. Thus the fate was accepted by both lovers and then they tell each other about the love that they possess and how much they crave each other’s presence. That is just the first problem that they solve and the rest was always too tough for them to handle.

    They have been living in a love fantasy especially Marjorie in Breathless and Ravenous just wants Bryce she is never seen worried about the cost she has to pay.  She thinks that she is ready to pay the price whatever it is but the demons are bigger than she anticipated. Bryce still wants that his love don’t suffer the wrath of his family’s past and wants to go alone on the roller coaster of the past. People from the past emerge one after the other and Bryce never expected such truths and legal issue that would come out in the open all at once.


    Helen Hardt succeeds to keep the two lovers together and that is what the author always does, she puts confusion, corruption and violence between the two lovers. The lovers are so desperate in all the parts that they are ready to go through the fire if they had to for the sake of love. It is a passion that surpasses everything that is around them and they don’t feel any danger or threat of any loss even if it is their life that is on stake. The fans were hoping that the story of these two would end in the same voices and the prayers are fulfilled, John Lane, Lauren Rowe and M. Hendley complete the tale as narrators.

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