The Land: Catacombs


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After the success of the first trilogy of the series comes this fourth part that was for some time was no expected. Most of the people thought that the story ended there in The Land: Alliances: A LitRPG Saga when the mist village vanished and our nightmare ended in a big way.

The Land: Catacombs

But as we start reading this part we come to know that Aleron Kong has a whole new dimension of the Chaos Seeds series in stock for us. So once again hope and tragedy, nightmare and comedy go on side by side negating the effect of one another. The two are told once again that more villages are needed, and they are terrified to hear because their previous experience was not a good one.

The Land: Catacombs

The more they want to run away from the scene the more they are tempted by those that are present around them. They even narrated the mist scenario in the mist village that ate everything including every soul as well.

Richter and Sion were a complete failure in their first experiment where they failed to control the forces they unleashed. But this time they are not doing it on their own they are being forced to do the thing they promised they would not do again.

The whole thing thus starts over again and it’s like the second version of the first trilogy and from the first look, it tends to make you a bit bored as why the whole thing again. But as you listen to it it’s a whole new dimension with nothing similar to the previous three parts and there is no repetition of scenes or incidents.


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