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    Matt Miller in the colonies  is one of the best series by Mark J. Rose, if you want to hear about time traveling and of course the problem you can face if you go back in time where no one recognizes you anymore, then you face identity crises as well which sometimes becomes more troublesome than time traveling itself.


    Matt the American scientist accidentally goes back in time and lands in the previous century into the Colonial America in which his money no longer supports him because the currency is not the currency of the time, his phone is there in his pocket but with no service at all, even his identity card or other things like this that he has in his bag pack are nothing more than a piece of papers for him now and to everybody around him as well.

    The writer has very beautifully painted a picture of a man who is facing a social boycott from society because no one knows him anymore and lacks the tools to establish a connection with them.


    The more he lives in that primitive society the more his mind starts working in the negative, he stops trying to go back to his own century instead he plans to make the illiterate people of that century his royal subjects whom he can govern with his advanced knowledge of science and in the second part Matt Miller in the Colonies, Book 2: Prophet we observe that he successfully cements his place in that initial society that does possess the knowledge of advanced science.

    Mark J. Rose has narrated the book himself which makes it more appealing to the new listeners as each aspect is carefully tackled by the writer in the narration department as well.


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