Broken to Brilliant: Breaking Free to Be You After Domestic Violence Audiobook


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    Broken to Brilliant: Breaking Free to Be You After Domestic Violence

    Broken to brilliant has wonderfully portrayed the domestic violence and its effects on the human mind especially women who become psychological patients because of the brutality or insult they face in their houses every day just because they are considered useless things in the house.

    The story develops a thought that such women should try to prove themselves in front of others this thing will also make them free from the stress of the domestic life and also will help to make them realize that they are not useless they could play a vital role in society and can help other women as well who are facing the same kinds of troubles.

    Broken to Brilliant: Breaking Free to Be You After Domestic Violence Audiobook

    KC Andrews a nurse by profession finally emerges as a survivor from such a calamity related to her personal life. At the beginning of her career such cases were just stories for him to which she used to give theoretical answers but later when she herself was a victim of it the whole thing took a long time, finally, she along with other friends with the same sort of problems share their stories with others to make the people aware of different sort of domestic violence and each of these women also tell us about their ability which helped them to survive this rough patch of their life and again become successful in life.

    Karen Jacobsen’s narration is excellent as she was given the duty of describing women who become useful from useless by just realizing and understanding who they really are. The story is a silver lining for those who are facing different abuses and want a way out in life. It makes us believe that every one of us has some positive qualities hidden inside him.
    For more empowering stories and lessons you may also listen to Opening Up and Disarming the Narcissist which are also good ones for those who want to open up and empower.

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