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    This upcoming part of the famous novel Duplicity by Newt Gringrich and Pete Earley really grips us by its scenes and the progress of the story that has been a key element in the first part as well. Also the story concludes in such a way that the listener can bet that it will turn into a nice trilogy and its third part would appear on the scene sooner or later.

    The threat to the United States has never been as high as the existence of democracy is under threat in the world’s most powerful state and an ardent supporter of democracy. The story also highlights the way terrorism can hit you in this modern world where terrorism no longer means the use of bombs to kill the human race, things like a decline in the economy and instability in the political system can affect the life of many people.


    Major Brooke Grant who shares some personal grudge with the terrorists as well because her parents were killed in the attacks of the 9/11 is in action once again as she comes to know about a hidden plot against the United States and she appears to be the only one who knows that the enemy is closer than she can imagine.

    Robert Fass has once again shown the class of a good narrator in narrating this thrilling and nail biting novel in which action, suspense and thrill goes to the final scene. The story also highlights the American nation’s strength which has always been the main topic of discussion in the writer’s point of view, we can observe this in  Trump’s America and Collusion.

    The plot also shows some similarities as the scene of action in the stories is also the same but still the novel has an edge over other such novels because the characterization is complete and the characters are full developed with ample description on their background.


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