Tier One Wild


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    The thrill of the Delta Force continues after its successful mission in which it got rid of the Bin Laden group forever. Even after the killing of the world’s most dangerous terrorist and America’s most wanted criminal the life of the Delta Force and its commander Dalton Fury is not easy at all.

    Tier One Wild

    They still face one threat after the other and the threat they face are always of a big magnitude that make a do or die situation for them in the climax scenes. Dalton Fury throughout the series has not lost the energy in the narration of the tale and that has been the hallmark of success of the series throughout.

    The story again takes us to a duel between the American forces and Al-Qaeda this time working under the command of Daoud al Amriki. The band of this group has Russian explosive technology in their hands that can cause extensive damage to the American states if not captured.

    Tier One Wild

    The theme is the same as can be seen in other parts of the series like Execute Authority and Black Site , thus as an old fan of the series you would not get a lot of changes and the race against time situation is always there but still it’s the passion in the story that makes us inclined to hear it all the way to the end.

    The narration by Ari Flaikos also has made this fiction close to reality, though we know that the missions are not real but still we are attracted toward this team of heroes so that we can praise their work at the conclusion of the novel.


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