One of Us Is Dead


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    When names like Andi Arndt, Elizabeth Evans, Cassandra Campbell, and Hillary Huber appear as the narrator of a book then the book is a hit for sure. These are the names who have narrated marvelous books over the years and they have the ability to present in a clear and superb way. Jeneva Rose is also not a new name in the field of literature. The author has books like The Perfect Marriage under her belt, in which she has told the audience difference between a true relationship and a temporary one.

    This book also has the same kind of spice as Shannon getting dumped by her husband who happens to be a politician by profession. For years Shannon was the main woman in the town and now her husband has kicked her out because of some younger woman.

    One of Us Is Dead

    It is Crystal who has taken Shannon’s place and she seems to be a simple Texas woman who has no idea what she is going to deal with in the near future. There is also Olivia who also wanted to see this happening as she has been waiting for this moment for a very long time. She thinks that now is her chance to rise to the occasion and get what she has been planning all these years.

    Among all, there is Jenny who has the secrets of every woman in town because she runs the local parlous. Jenny is the one who meets almost every woman of the upper class daily and they share their secrets with her but Jenny has never leaked any secret. The Girl I Was had just one show-stopper and here there are multiple of that kind. All we have to do is to wait for the end and see who wins the game in the end.

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    The Girl I Was


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