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    Pandemic is a mystery thriller. It is a very interesting novel written by A. G. Riddle, who has the reputation of producing great fictional fantasies and as well as mystery thrillers like the subject novel. Pandemic is the first chapter of the Extinction Files novel series, which opened new doors for several good chapters to come in this interesting novel series. Edoardo Ballerini in his brilliant and expressive tone has given the narration of this novel.

    The novel starts with a horrific scene by narrating the incident about a deadly outbreak in the African country, Kenya. It was all a resultant of a deadly conspiracy, which was totally behind imagination. There starts a race for protecting mankind captured in its darkest hour.

    This novel, Pandemics by A. G. Riddle, would change all your concepts about pandemics, once you go through this chapter end to end.


    A sunken submarine is found some 100 miles from Alaska. The submarine was discovered by the American Coast Guard vessel. It was sunk quite deep into the Arctic Ocean. There was no identification on that submarine that to which country it belonged to. Further, it was also not matching any records of any vessel. The researchers found something related to scientific experiment right there, which has the potential of changing our concept about the humankind.

    Dr. Peyton in Atlanta got awakened by the ring of a phone call, which she actually feared for many years. She is actually among the foremost responders to any outbreaks in any part of the world. She was in that dangerous and lonely job. But, she was OK with it and after all, it is her life and she is independent to do whatever she likes. This time, she probably have found her match.

    A.G. Riddle is a versatile novelist and has proved his worth in many successful novels written before. If you are interested and want to see more of his good literary work, then you must check out a couple out of his many super exciting novels, which are: The Solar War and The Lost Colony.

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    The Lost Colony

    The Atlantis Plague


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