The Atlantis Plague


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    The Atlantis Plague is the penultimate novel of The Origin Mystery series. The author, A. G. Riddle is excellent when it comes to producing the short sagas, where ever sequel is larger and much better than the prequel. Same is the case with The Atlantis Plague, which is the 2nd book of The Origin Mystery series and a highly anticipate done, following the success of the opening chapter of the series. Stephen Bel Davies is the narrator again for this novel and yet again, he is phenomenal with his stern tone and expressive voice, while playing the characters with full confidence.

    Dr. Kate Warner in Spain awakens to a very terrifying news. The news is that the mankind stands right at the edge of its extinction. A pandemic has completely swept the globe. Almost 1 billion people died a painful death and those who aren’t killed by Atlantis Plague are subsequently transformed at their genetic level. Few of the people evolved rapidly. Those who left have devolved.

    The Atlantis Plague

    Just as the world gets into such a chaos, a number of different radical solutions surfaced up for saving the people. Few of the industrialized nations came up with a miraculous drug by the name of Orchid. Those industrialist nations produced Orchid in massive quantities and distributed to a number of refugee camps all around the world. But, this drug was nothing more than an option to buy time only. It wasn’t the cure at all. It was able to treat the plague’s symptoms, but couldn’t eliminate the disease completely.

    The Lost Colony  and Winter World novels gave A. G. Riddle a notable identification in the literary fraternity. You must check them out to learn more about the novelist and also enjoy the excellent narrations of these recommended audio books.

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