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Influx novel by Daniel Suarez is rated quite high especially with its audio version. The audio narration of this book is given by Jeff Gurner, who truly justified his role as its narrator. It is a technology thriller with a highly engaging storyline

Daniel Suarez has the honor of becoming the best-selling author in New York Times for his popular novel, Daemon, which was a highly engrossing cyber thriller.

Are the smartphones actually the most innovative invention of the humanity after the moon landing? Is it any way to explain that why the bold visions of the 20th century such as the genetic enhancements, fusion power, artificial intelligence, treatment for common diseases and several world changing advances have remained beyond our access. Why the imminent high-tech future in the 1960s actually didn’t make it in time for people to benefit.


There are chances that such things did arrived but only for a few people to benefit.

Jon Grady, a particle physicist got extremely excited when his talented team achieved the impossible, which they were working for a number of years. It was actually a device, which was capable of reflecting gravity. This research was promising enough to revolutionize the entire field of physics and would make that a crowning achievement for Jon Grady and his team.

Jon Grady was expecting great praise for his entire team, most probably a noble prize. But, soon his lab got locked down by some mysterious organization.

Freedom (TM) and Delta-v are other suspenseful mystery thrillers written by Daniel Suarez. The plots of these recommended novels are so grasping that you couldn’t resist yourself listening to their audio narration in one go.

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The Atlantis Plague



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