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    Delta-v is a technology based mystery thriller that involves some shadowy organizations, brilliant team of scientists and researchers, and then the secret missions going on. The dark forces intervenes and sets a chaos. It is a novel written by Daniel Suarez, who has already impressed many audience with his writing and has a huge fan base. This specific novel is written by Jeff Gurner.

    James Tighe, the itinerant cave diver gets in invitation to come to the private island of Nathan Joyce, who is a billionaire. Upon the invitation, his first impression was that it has come to him by some mistake. But it was the sheer talent and the unique skillset of James, which made him the top choice to take on a high risk venture for the sake of mining some near Earth asteroid. The mission had the goal of initiating a complete off world economy.


    The reward for the mission and also the risk involved in it were staggering. The competition at the other end was fierce and the stakes in all this venture could get any higher.
    James Tighe and his adventurers, who were former soldiers, BASE jumpers, former astronauts and mountain climbers have to heavily rely on each other as a team for the sake of surviving not just the risk involved of the very long expedition, but also the cruel realities of business in space as well.

    They are all fully focused for the transformation of humanity.
    Daemon and Freedom (TM) novels are also authored by Daniel Suarez. You will just not be able to take any break in between. That’s how tempting the suspense and thrill in these novels are.

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