Dragon Raider (Sea Dragons #1)


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    It’s the first chapter of an epic series that promises high action and thrill on its way to the very end. You may also listen to the Upon Dragon’s Breath – Ava Richardson, and Return of the Darkening – Ava Richardson if you like this one and need more on the series. It’s a war between the dragon riders and raiders. Lila the one who belongs to the tribe that usually hunts the dragon down comes to a new land where dragons are the rulers and they rule the skies and the seas. She in reality belongs to the kingdom of Torvald but is struck with a prophecy that she originally belonged to the tribe of the dragon riders and can finally resolve things between the dragon riders and the raiders of her tribe that collect anything that appears to be shinny for them.

    Dragon Raider (Sea Dragons #1)

    Ava Richardson has created an amazing world of dragons where the dragons along with their riders help the sailors and protect their belongings and always trying to save them from the dragon mercenaries. The prophecy of the monk can only be fulfilled if Lila makes a bond with one of the dragons so that she can join the cure of the dragon riders because this proves to be the only way she can save the dragons from the deadly fangs of her father who is behind their tale all the time.

    Unfortunately the dragon that she is destined to bond with has other views as it shows its unruly nature toward her making the establishment of the bond almost impossible for her. Jean Ann Douglass has played a superb role in the narration department and has portrayed the dragon world and the dragon fights in a highly emotional way that makes us attached to the newly created dragon world.


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