The Forgetting Moon


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    Brain Lee Durfee starts his first part of the “five warrior angles” series in the voice of Timothy Gerard Reynolds. The book is full of magic and other stuffs like that, and also a negation of the prophecies which shows that there are some evil intentions of the characters that would prevail as the story moves a bit further. The world is at war and the five Isles are struck by war with no way out than to surrender against the Angel prince named as Aeros. There is only one kingdom left where he is trying to establish his rule and that kingdom is the kingdom of Gul Kana where a new prince is crowned after the death of his father. The two sisters of the new king however show no intention of any sort to help their elder brother in a desperate try to save the kingdom of their forefathers.

    The Forgetting Moon

    The older one is named as Jondralyn is famous for her beauty charm but still she wants to establish her name as a warrior instead of being called the beauty queen of any king of the state. The second sister is the one with curious nature and is always on a hunt for secrets, but this time she has found something that can bring catastrophe on the whole family, a secret that should be kept hidden instead of its discovery.

    There is also a mysterious assassin named Hawkwood who instead of killing Jondralyn falls in love with her and helps her in learning the skills of warfare that she so desperately desired. The story is also full of mysterious characters like Nail who play a key role at the end in deciding the fate of the five Isles. The story has action, magic and mystery at its peak and each character has a hidden mystery attached to his or her personality.    


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