Freedom (TM)


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    Freedom (TM) is another highly anticipated mystery thriller with immense level of quality suspense. It is part 2 of the Daemon novel series written by Daniel Suarez, and audience had huge hope from the author, especially after Daemon became a huge sensation right after its release. Freedom (TM) novel is narrated by Jeff Gurner.

    Daniel Suarez in his first novel Daemon came up with the brilliant storyline , while giving a very horrifying vision of the new world order, where things started to get under the influence of Daemon.

    In the start of this novel, Freedom (TM), the daemons are found to be firmly under control. But that didn’t last that long. All of a sudden, civil war got initiated in the American Midwest with a cruel wave of violence that was called as the Corn Rebellion.

    Freedom (TM)

    Pete Sebeck, the former detective and the current most influential Daemon operative is bound to lead a small group of humans for a populist movement. The intended movement was setup for the sake of safeguarding the new world order. But, on the other end, the private armies of worldwide business are setting up to crush the Daemon completely.

    In a world where there is a range of conflicted loyalties, quickly reducing human power and the chances of everyone being a spy, the things that are at stake is nothing more or less than the freedom of humans, which is their last hope of survival in the technological revolution.

    If you are a fan of techno thrillers then Daniel Suarez is definitely your go to author. He has produced some brilliant mystery thrillers, which got great recognition by the audience. A couple of hi popular novels, which you must listen to are: Change Agent and Delta-v.


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