Return of the Archon


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    Joshua Dalzelle’s Omega Force has gone through all sorts of circumstances and has accomplished missions that only they could fulfill. The only thing that has been their strength and keeping them successful is their unity. No matter what had happened the team has worked like a single unit and has kept the promise of working together. But now the team has a weakness i.e one of the members is hiding certain secrets from the rest of the crew. When the secrets about him are revealed the team is put in a danger out which they cannot escape without a fight.

    Fighting is not something the team is afraid of or tries to run away from it but the issue is that they are not unified anymore.

    Return of the Archon

    The betrayal and the secrets have divided the team into two halves which make it tough for them to fight against the enemy who is too powerful. The captain Jason Burke tries in all respect but the team just don’t fight like a team anymore. It is a good story about emotions, rising actions and a fight of a life time.

    Reminds the fans of other books of the author like Marine and Soldiers of Fortune which once dominated the scene for quite a long time. Paul Heitsch harps on the old casual way of his which is effective because it has no pause and the narrator never stumbles on the words.

    Each word is narrated with clarity and is understandable at every level of the story. Not much of action changes the course of the narration as it moves in the same pattern all over.

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