Cold Days


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Wanted to rest in peace but was not allowed thus Harry is back to the world of the humans where death is a reality. The heaven never let the poor guy in and the hell was full with his enemies thus he now is back where he belongs. After being murdered he cleverly found his murderer and a way back to the world of flesh it is now nothing more than a good experience for him.

One good thing that has finally happened to him is that he is not that wizard who used to live in an alley; Harry is now the Winter Knight. That’s what the people around him think; originally he has sold out his soul to the queen to come to the physical form. Mab enjoyed taking control of man that she wanted to have more than anything.

Cold Days

Now having Harry under her command she wants to accomplish tasks that were out of her reach once and the first task that she assigns to Harry is the slaughtering of an immortal. It is not a tough job for Harry but that is not his main mission, he wants to break the shackles of slavery and enjoy his freedom once again.

For this Harry recalls his friends from Dead Beat and White Night but Jim Butcher starts writing a new kind of mission from here on. Matter of soul is becoming quite serious and again the time is right to add another less serious episode. James Marsters could use a little rest because the narrator was not one hundred percent in this one. A little more details about the realms were needed because not many were able to grip the idea firmly the rest is fine.


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