Ashes-Dark in You


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    Cat Doucette narrates the trilogy as well and the voice of the narrator has formed a bond with the series after all this time of association. Harper and Knox’s love has made them fight against all the evil there is in the demon world. They are together and their bond is stronger than ever after their sacrifices for one another in Burn and Blaze. Parting from one another is something they have stopped thinking at this stage of their life. Harper once again gets attacked but the enemy this time has deep insight about her.

    They wanted her wings which she never told to anyone that she possessed. The one behind the attack was of course the third Horseman but there is someone in the lair too who is providing the Horseman with the much needed information about Harper.

    Looks like the demons have become out of control now and Knox might not be able to tackle everything this time. Though as a true lover Knox tries everything all the time to protect Harper but the time has come for her to bring out the evil hidden inside her.

    Ashes-Dark in You

    She has tried to live a simple and quite life but it was not possible so she embraces the dark powers that she has kept locked in the closet all this time. Suzanne Wright focused on Knox’s powers in the first two books but this time the focus shifts to Harper. Most of the fans are shocked this time to see that the tattooist i.e Harper had so much power after all and that’s why she was a perfect match for Knox.


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