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Dean Koontz’s stories are the best for lonely times, the stories which the author writes are not stories rather they are a portal to a new dimension. One who listens to such stories is shifted to a new time zone where things happen a lot differently. Jeffy Coltrane loses his wife in the novel and all he is left with is his daughter Amity. Together the father and daughter spend their time thinking about what they have lost in the form of Michelle.

One day life changes for them when a strange man comes to Jeff and thrusts him an extraordinary device with a promise that he would never use it. The device is put in the attic but the curiosity never leaves the mind of Jeffy and Amity. This curiosity and sudden happenings around them force them to use the extraordinary device. When they use this strange gadget they find themselves in a different timeline. Not only the two characters are amazed like the characters in Devoted and Watchers but they also get a ray of hope.


By traveling in different timelines they can reach the time zone where Michelle still exists. Though it is not easy to calculate the accurate time it is worth trying for the sake of the love that they lost. During this search, they come face to face with a deadly enemy too who wants the gadget for his hidden motives. So the main characters get two missions at hand i.e save the world and find Michelle in different timelines.

Edoardo Ballerini, Josh Bloomberg, Alexander Cendese, Imani Parks, and Amanda Leigh Cobb narrate different characters during the continuation of the journey. In each time zone different characters are introduced with different moods and nature because of which this longish list of narrators was needed.


Dark of Night



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