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Hungry Corpses

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This is the story of Hungry Corpses, narrated by the team at TokyPod Studio.

See how a sudden turn of events lead to Darcy and Elizabeth meeting. Full of action, Romance, Zombies, family and friends and general all around Jane Austen. Warning mentions of characters death, blood, fighting and violence… And Zombies! Rated T.


Chapter 1

My hair whipped about my face as I pushed for my horse to go faster, I have to get to Longbourne immediately. I have to save my family. I entered Meryton and surveyed the area, my heart began to pound faster as I saw no indication that my family was here. I kicked my steed and took off in the direction of Longbourne, coming in contact with several zombies along the way. As I brought my steed to a halt, I drew my sword, my eyes laying upon the open door of my house. It was never open, it was always locked to keep out the unmentionables. I cautiously got down and tied my horse to the nearby tree, I pulled out my short musket and approached the gates.

The first thing I noticed when I entered was the distinct smell of death, the second was the trail of blood leading from the morning room to the kitchen. I followed the trail and came face to face with a zombified Miss Hill, I gasped, ” Miss Elizabeth, you have returned… How wonderful.” utterly horrified I then struck out with my sword. Hill cried out and lunged to the side trying to avoid another strike from my blade, she wasn’t successful and a moment later her body lay on the ground, her head severed from the rest of her body and crushed.


She surveyed the room before advancing towards her father’s study, there on the ground lay a beheaded zombie. The clean cut suggested that it was Lydia’s doing, and Elizabeth’s heart began to beat faster. ‘Where is my family?’ she thought before she heard noise coming from the entrance of the basement. She walked calmly down the steps to the base only to see to her utter horror, her mother, Father and two maids stricken. They had joined the ranks of the undead and we’re now attempting to pry open the basement door. “This cannot be… ” she whispered, emotions flooding her mind. She aimed her musket and with a shuddering breath shot the closest of the two maids, sliding the useless musket into her belt she retrieved her dagger and killed the other maid. She froze as her father and mother stared at her with bizarre expressions.

Elizabeth was disturbed greatly by the fact that both her parents had become unmentionables within a couple of days. She loved them greatly, but could not afford to leave them alive to infect other poor souls, with a clenched jaw and narrowed eyes she quickly dispatched them. Her father put up quite the fight and nearly bit her a number of times, alas both her parents are now dead. She turned to the door and with a concerned voice exclaimed “Jane?! Lydia?! Kitty? Mary! Open up, I killed them… Come on out!” Her eyes locked on that of Jane’s from the peephole, there is a surprised gasp before the door is flung open. Kitty and Jane launched themselves into her arms, tears in their eyes. “Jane! Kitty! Thank the almighty that you are okay! …Where is Mary and Lydia?” she asked embracing them and then noticing that two of her sisters were missing.

Jane pulled away from Elizabeth, and with a calming breath went impassive as she says “They have joined the ranks of the undead… Lizzy when I sent you the letter, mother was acting strange after her return from Aunt Phillips, the following night we went to the assembly and killed several unmentionables . We returned home, both father and mother were withdrawn after the attack by the unmentionables and went to bed immediately. Last night we were awoken by loud screams coming from father’s study, Kitty and I were the first ones down and discovered Father and Mother feasting upon my ladies maid Sarah. Lydia and Mary were the closest to father and what surprised us all, was that he fought as well as he did when he wasn’t dead. Mary wasn’t prepared for it and was the first to be bitten, I have never before seen such skilled zombies. Mother and miss hill got Lydia as we tried to get down here, she stood no chance when the rest of the undead came at her.”

Elizabeth was fighting to control her emotions as her Shao Lin master had taught her long ago, her heart fell with despair for her family. Everyone but her oldest and second youngest sister was undead or dead… What would they do? With their father gone they were now penniless… Their cousin … A Mister Collins would come to claim the estate. Elizabeth’s mind was reeling as she began formulating a plan. “Kitty, I want you to go to papa’s study and under his desk is a loose floorboard, their should be some money there. Jane, you and I will burn the bodies, and then get the house in order. We will go to Aunt Phillips and write to Mister Collins from there… It’s not safe here.” Kitty walked off, sword cautiously in hand as she followed her sisters instructions, Jane and Elizabeth looked down at the various zombie foes bodies and sighed.

It was an hour later that a pile of bodies was aflame, the three sisters standing a few yards away with tears in their eyes as they said good by to their father and mother. Once the remains were nothing but ash, Elizabeth and Jane grabbed Kitty at the same time and moved to the three saddled horses. “I found six hundred pounds in father’s study, that should keep us reasonably comfortable.” said Kitty making Elizabeth and Jane sigh in relief. The three mounted their steeds, making sure that their muskets were easily accessible as were their blades. With several calming breaths the three sisters took off into woods, praying that they wouldn’t run into any unmentionables.

They arrived in Meryton, and galloped to their aunts house, desperate to find some form of comfort and reassurance. They rushed into their aunts drawing room not noticing the guest already calling upon her. “Aunt we come with the most dreadful news!” exclaimed Kitty with a slight tremor in her tone, Elizabeth was next to speak “Yes, our parents… Lydia and Mary are… (Upon noticing the man in the room ) We beg your pardon for this intrusion, we had no idea that you had a visitor.” Misses Phillips waved their apology away and quickly began making introductions. “Jane, Elizabeth, Kitty, this is Mister Bingley, he has taken Netherfield. Mister Bingley, these are three of my five nieces, Miss Jane Bennet, Miss Elizabeth Bennet and Miss Katherine Bennet.” Bingley bowed while the three girls curtseyed respectfully, “it’s a pleasure to meet you Mister Bingley.” said Jane gently, her sorrowful eyes catching his.

Bingley noticed the sorrow and was quick to address it “Miss Bennet are you well?” he asked with concern lacing his tone. Jane noticed the gentleness behind his eyes and turned to Elizabeth and silently asked if she should tell their new acquaintance what was distressing her so much. With a shrug as the only answer from her sister, Jane cleared her throat and replied “I am well, I am just distressed by the fact that our parents and younger sisters have joined the ranks of the undead.” Misses Phillips gasped absolutely horrified and instantly felt lightheaded, she reached out for Elizabeth as she fainted.

Hungry Corpses

Chapter 2

Mister Bingley looked utterly horrified and was quick to give his condolences “My word, you three have my condolences to be sure. And any assistance I might be, please don’t be afraid to ask. No one should lose their parents and sisters in one day, and certainly not to the undead.” he finished seeing Jane struggling to remain composed as Kitty tended to their Aunt and Elizabeth remained impassive, her stance that of a guarded warrior. He was reminded of his good friend Darcy, when he regarded her demeanor. After taking a moment to collect his thoughts he took his leave, leaving his condolences and hopes to see them again soon.

Everyone was silent after he left, allowing Elizabeth to acquire paper and quill for the letters she needed to send out. Halfway through her letter Misses Phillips came to, immediately bursting into tears and sending the whole house into chaos. “Mister Phillips! Someone must go find Mister Phillips and bring him here immediately! We must make arrangements for you three to stay here, and oh we must inform that dreadful man who is to inherit the estate of what has happened! There is so much to do!” she exclaimed ringing the bell for servants while pushing Kitty out the door to find her uncle. With great reluctance and with Jane as an escort, Kitty went off in search of their Uncle. Elizabeth was still sitting at the desk in the corner of the room just finishing her letter to the Gardeners when Mister Phillips walked into the room solemn faced, Kitty and Jane trailing after him.

In a quiet tone he addressed them “Kitty and Jane have explained the situation, to lose so much of ones family is a great sorrow. You my nieces shall be staying here, Elizabeth I assume you have letters ready to be sent out?” he asked looking to the strongest of his nieces, as she stood impassively with two letters clenched in her hand. Upon seeing her curtly nod he reached for them and personally took them to be delivered by the post. Elizabeth joining him at the last second to speak with him about some of her concerns, specifically those relating to her two missing zombified sisters. They walked in silence down a few streets before her uncle asked “What else is troubling you my dear? Have no fear you and your sisters will be well taken care of, however I fear one of you may have to stay with the Gardiners because we have little room… But no matter. Please share with me your concerns.”

Elizabeth bit her lip as she inhaled sharply “My mother, father and household have all been burned to ashes… Mary and Lydia however, have disappeared in to the woods. I fear for those living, my sisters are skilled enough to take out many unsuspecting individuals, even those of their friends.” She turned to her uncle to see him pale faced as he stuttered “So- so it’s true then? Those that are highly skilled in life are highly skilled when they become undead…” Elizabeth gave him a lugubrious look before she said “I am afraid it is true, for I witnessed as much when fighting my own father. It was by him that Mary and Lydia joined the ranks of the undead.” He covered his mouth as he felt a wave of nausea hit him before he gulped out “May the lord have mercy.” After delivering the letters to the post, the two walked back to the house lost in grief over their lost family members.

It was decided that evening that Elizabeth, Jane and Kitty would travel the paths around Meryton daily, with the hope of finding Mary and Lydia before they could prey upon any of the villagers. Their Aunt was opposed to the idea and often seeks Kitty’s company, allowing only the two eldest to go out and hunt for the unmentionables.

Meanwhile (two hours before dusk)

Going down the path delivering candles, oil and other things was Penny Megregor, her carriage rolling down the path with no problems. “Help! Please somebody help me!” cried a familiar voice, making Penny pull on the reigns and bring the carriage to a stop. She looked around, trying to pinpoint the voice but not being very successful. She grabbed her musket and cautiously proceeded further down the path, what she saw made her gasp. There in the middle of the road was Mary Bennet sprawled out on the ground, above her crouched Lydia her voice being the one Penny had heard moments ago. Lydia only turned partially towards her as she desperately exclaimed “Please Penny help me! We were running and Mary tripped over that tree root there and she bumped her head and is now unconscious!”

Penny knowing the Bennet sisters very well, approached her guard dropping as she came to kneel down beside Lydia. That’s when everything went wrong, Lydia suddenly seized Penny while Mary shot up and bit her. The two Bennet sisters smiled deviously as they consumed a woman who was once their friend.

At Netherfield

Charles Bingley sat at his desk reading a letter that had just arrived from his good friend Colonel Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley in Darbyshire.


I fear I will be delayed in joining you at your new estate for a few days, I hope however, that you and your sisters would be gracious enough to host my sister Georgiana till I arrive. I must also ask that you escort her from Darcy House to your estate, I know she will be safer in your care than that of the guards I left her with. You can expect me on the seventh of this month. Remember your training, keep a sharp eye out for unmentionables they lurk every where.

Your friend,


Bingley was not at all surprised that his friend was once again delayed, he was a Colonel in his majesty’s army and one of the best at that. He was however surprised that his friend asked that he escort Georgiana, his friend was fiercely protective of her and never let her travel anywhere without him by herself. He was quite pleased that his friend trusted him with his sisters safety, he stood from his desk and immediately started making preparations for the quick trip to London. Upon informing Caroline and Louisa they were both ecstatic and rushed off to have their ladies pack an overnight bag for each of them. For they too saw the huge honor that Colonel Darcy bestowed upon them and it was no trouble at all. Early the next morning Mr. Hurst stayed to ensure that Netherfield was safe for their return and watched as his wife, sister and brother in law and maid drove away, four men on horseback armed following after the carriage.

Chapter 3

It had been two days since Jane and Elizabeth found Penny Megregor’s carriage on the side of the forest path, two days since their new acquaintance Charles Bingley left Meryton to return with a guest. In those two days both Mary and Lydia managed to avoid the sisters hunting them, while still managing to bring ten more individuals into the undead ranks. Elizabeth and Jane sat upon their individual horses, frowns upon their faces as they looked around them. “I fear that we need to change our plans, the attacks keep happening to those without escorts. Perhaps we should take up escorting people too and from?” suggested Elizabeth, watching as Jane’s eyebrows creased and her lips pursed as she thought over their options.

Jane sighed “Anything to keep these ravenous unmentionables at bay, we cannot let more of the living fall into their ranks.” The two sisters rode off with the hope of being successful. As they did they came across the Lucas family carriage, they were heading to visit Smith Manor on the far side of Meryton, about four miles from LongBourne. “Miss Bennet, Miss Elizabeth, where are you two fine young ladies off too?” asked the couch man Mr. Brigs with a smile. Elizabeth kept her eyes trained on the forest around them as Jane replied “We have been trying to kill any unmentionables we come across, however, they are getting more organized and we have since decided to escort carriages through the forest for their protection.” Mr. Brigs hummed in understanding, he then gestured to the sides of the carriage “Well we would gratefully accept any assistance you render… Far too many undead out and about for my tastes.”

The Bennet sisters smiled in understanding before moving to guard opposite sides of the carriage, putting the Lucas family instantly at ease. There was two unmentionables that stumbled into the road causing the carriage to come to a squeaky halt. “Stay inside, we will handle this.” exclaimed Elizabeth, pulling her musket and firing at the old lady that had recently joined the undead. Jane doing the same and the two sisters watched as the stricken collapsed onto the ground, dead forever. They pulled the bodies off the side of the road and took the time to bury the poor souls, mounting their steeds they escorted the Lucas carriage to Smith Manor. Miss Lenora Smith eagerly invited the two Bennet sisters to take tea with them. As Jane was about to accept the gracious offer a crack of thunder rang throughout the area, her eyes immediately locked with that of her sisters. ” I am afraid this is where we must leave you, the unmentionables never cease to spring from the ground in such weather.”

The Smiths and Lucas’s made their objections loudly known but watched as Jane and Elizabeth rode off, back in to the forest and onto the well traveled path. Sure enough not ten minutes later it was pouring making the visibility around them limited forcing them to slow down. As they did they noticed several unmentionables on the road ahead of them, nodding to each other simultaneously they drew their swords and pushed their horses to a gallop. They cut down the first four before the rest realized what was happening and decided to flee. Jane caught two of the retreating unmentionables with her daggers while Elizabeth caught one with her musket and the second with her horse, making sure to behead the creature instantly.

As the rain continued to pour more and more unmentionables sprang from the earth, laying siege upon any carriage or traveler on the road. Charles Bingley and his passengers were quite tense as their carriage rode through the muddy terrain. The rain had come out of nowhere and they could do nothing but continue on to Netherfield and hope that no unmentionables would cross their path. Georgiana was on alert as she stared out the window and watched their surroundings as they passed. She had been shocked when her brother had told her that she would be leaving with Charles, however, she did not question him and simply grabbed her weapons and went to pack. Her hand laid steadily on her pistol when Caroline spoke up “Oh dear Georgiana! Relax we are perfectly safe, we have enough armed men here to protect his majesty.”

Georgiana sighed annoyed by Caroline’s obliviousness to the constant danger, no matter how many men there are, there is more undead to infect the living. “I am aware of that Miss Bingley, however, my training and brother would have to disagree with you. The undead are always lurking, waiting for their chance to cast this disease onto us. We cannot be idle and allow them to succeed-” she said when movement in the woods caught her eye, her eyes widen when she spotted several unmentionables running towards the carriage. She pulled her Musket and screamed “Zombie attack!” she shot at the nearest zombie as Caroline and Lousia held each other in fear. Shots were fired that were quickly followed by a mans screams, Georgiana looked around and noticed that Zombies were on all sides, they were completely surrounded. The zombie horde was made up of at least twenty unmentionables and more flooded towards them from the surrounding forests. Bingley and Georgiana flew out of the carriage, weapons drawn as they began to fight along side their three remaining escorts and their driver.

In all the time Georgiana had been slaying unmentionables, she had never seen a zombie horde so organized. Every zombie struck down was replaced by another, she heard Bingley cry out “Hogun no!” she caught sight of one of their escorts exposing his back for a brief second and saw a zombie jump for its chance to sink its teeth into the man. Hogun cried out as he was dragged away from the carriage arms flailing and legs kicking sending mug and splashes of water flying in every direction . Bingley and Georgiana locked eyes before fighting harder, her eyes widen when she met the blades of a female zombie. From the looks of her complexion Georgiana figured she had not long been dead but quickly turned. She was quick to block the strikes of the daggers but was utterly horrified by the tremendous skill this zombie female had. This young woman had obviously been a warrior before she was turned. She heard a scream and saw another female zombie with light orange hair, strike down their driver, allowing two unmentionables to drag him off and feast upon him. Georgiana had never been truly frightened by odds till now, there was only Charles, one escort and herself protecting Caroline and Louisa from the onslaught of becoming stricken.

Charles was likewise concerned he had never seen so many zombies attack a single carriage before, and never with such organization. He had always loved the rain but at this moment, the rain was becoming his downfall… For more and more unmentionables sprang from the earth, some from right underneath them. The rain made his movements slower as he had never had steady feet when on slippery ground. Then a thought came to him… Georgiana! Oh heaven forbid if anything happens to his best friends sister, Darcy would kill him then find a way to bring him back and then kill him again if Georgiana was hurt or even killed. They were far too outnumbered to win this fight and Charles momentarily looked up to the heavens and whispered ” Please send your angels to protect us.”

The three warriors continued to fight when out of no where the sound of muskets firing from a distance was heard, two zombies dropped dead in front of Charles. He gasped looking around trying to find the source when out of the pouring rain two women on horse back came galloping towards them, muskets in hand. The blonde one surged through part of the horde crushing the zombies beneath her horses hooves. The brunette did the same coming to the rescue and jumping off of the horse in front of Georgiana. The blonde attacked the zombies with great precision and accuracy, coming to fight along side Charles . Charles gasped “Miss Bennet! How!?” he exclaimed slashing at any zombie getting closer to them. Elizabeth came beside Georgiana and quickly introduced herself as she fought. “You must be the guest Mr. Bingley left to retrieve. My name is Miss Elizabeth Bennet, my elder sister Jane is assisting Mr. Bingley.”

Georgiana thrust her sword into the torso of a male unmentionable as she replied ” I am Georgiana… Georgiana Darcy.” All too soon the only remaining zombies were Mary, Lidia and Penny McGregor. Elizabeth and Jane stepped forward, faces contorted in anguish as rain poured down around them. Bingley and Georgiana stayed behind them, ready to lend any assistance they could. Jane licked her bottom lip and spoke “Mary… Lydia… I am sorry for failing you two, I had no idea he could… ” Her voice was trembling with emotion when the zombified Lydia cocked her head at her, blood running down the right side of her face. “Jane, Lizzy… Join us. It’s the beginning of a new era, the era of the undead.” she said imploringly, with an outstretched hand. Jane cringed back and turned to Penny “Did my sisters bring you into the ranks of the undead?” she asked hoping beyond hope that her friend’s death wasn’t on her conscious.

Penny moved forward and replied earnestly “There was a horrible accident, but I survived Janie … I survived!” she went to embrace Jane only for Elizabeth to fire her musket and take off her head. Jane muttered “not in the traditional sense of the word.” Elizabeth seeing her sister overcome with grief stepped forward and firmly replied “We will not join the ranks of the undead as you have sisters… I am sorry I wasn’t here to protect you. But now I will make things right… Let’s finish this.” She brought up her blades as Mary and Lydia prepared for a fight. Jane moved to fight when Elizabeth shook her head and whispered “I will do this sister.” The fight was intense and quick, the ending result being what everyone suspected. Lydia and Mary lay beheaded in the mud, rain drops flushing the blood and dirt away from their young innocent faces. Jane cupped her mouth as a sob escaped her mouth, tears freely flowing down her porcelain skin and mixing with the rain.

Chapter 4

Elizabeth was silently crying, the loss of her two sisters was a tare in her heart beside the loss of her parents. She placed a hand on Jane’s shoulder in comfort when she felt the shiver running through her sisters body. Her eyes widen in concern as she turned to Mr. Bingley and Geogiana “We will escort you to Netherfield, than we will make our way to our Aunt Phillips house. We must hurry before we all catch a cold.” Mr. Bingley took one look at Jane before gasping and exclaiming “Miss Bennet please ride in the carriage, I will drive.” Jane was about to protest when Georgiana eagerly pulled her hand and gently pushed her into the carriage, the ladder being ready to leave before any more unmentionables crossed their path.

Elizabeth smiled at Jane’s retreating form before saying “I will burn these and take the remaining horses. Do not fear, I will catch up to you in no time.” Bingley looked like he wanted to protest but thought better of it when he heard Caroline frantically exclaim “Where is he? Where is Charles?! Is my brother alright!?” Charles lips quirked up into a smile before he bowed his head to Elizabeth and moved to reassure his sister of his safety. Elizabeth instantly set to piling the bodies in the nearest clearing, it took her about fifteen minutes to do so, ten minutes of which were spent after the carriage left. As soon as the bodies were lit and burning she mounted her horse and grabbed the reins of the four other horses. Pulling them into a full gallop and speeding off towards Netherfield. The rain was starting to lighten up as she came up behind the carriage, about two miles from Netherfield’s gate.

Caroline and Louisa were fretting over Georgiana’s soaked attire and solemn expression as Georgiana herself was fretting over Jane. Georgiana did not know the pain of losing a sibling let alone two siblings on the same day, however, she did know what it felt like to lose a parent and it is a feeling that no one should ever have to face. Caroline being ignorant over who saved who from the zombie hordes asked “Was miss Bennet hiding in the woods when we came upon her dear Georgiana? How else could she be so completely soaked through and sorrowful at present?” Her loud voice drew Jane out of her thoughts with a cringe that was quickly masked, while Georgiana glared and carefully reigned in her temper replying ” You are quite mistaken miss Bingley, Miss Bennet and her sister Elizabeth saved us from the unmentionables. Had they not arrived when they did, I fear we would all have joined the ranks of the undead in a grotesque manner.”

Caroline looked at Jane in shock and finally noticed the saber at her side and the pistol laying on her opposite side. She couldn’t believe that such a frail fragile thing such as Jane Bennet could be a better fighter than her brother and mister Darcy’s younger sister. But she wisely kept silent and instead stared out the window, sighing in relief when they entered the grounds of Netherfield. Elizabeth wouldn’t admit it, but she was relieved that they arrived safely. She felt drained from the slaying of zombies, the pain and grief of killing Mary and Lydia and the torturous chilling weather. Guards met them and instantly Louisa and Caroline fled from the carriage and ran up the steps into safety, the ladder encouraging her brother and their guests to hurry or else they’d catch a cold.

Mister Hurst rushed out, a rain coat over him and as he saw the state of his brother in law, Georgiana and two unexpected guests he looked horrified. “My word! Bingley where is your driver and the other escorts?” he exclaimed but taking one look at Charles face he cringed and asked “How could the stricken take out men of such skill? How many were there? Surely you didn’t let Georgiana assist..” he added last minute, only to see Georgiana step out of the carriage, blood splatter on her dress and mud on her petticoat. He covered his mouth in horror but was shocked when Miss Jane Bennet exited the carriage, pale and surprisingly only small splatters of blood on her sleeves. Elizabeth passed the reins of the horses to the stable boys and rushed to her sisters side. “Jane! Are you alright?” she asked not at all liking her sisters weakening demeanor.

Bingley and Mister Hurst moved to see why Jane Bennet was moving so slowly, “We must return to aunt Phillips Lizzy, I fear I do not feel very well.” Georgiana looked utterly horrified at the prospect of the two Bennet sisters riding off to their aunts in such weather. Charles agreed and replied “Surely not! You two both saved us all, we are in your debt and I insist that you stay with us till at the very least the weather has stopped.” Jane shook her head in protest “No we mustn’t …” she started only to be overcome by a wave of dizziness and pass out. Elizabeth was quick to grab her sister and prevent her from falling, Charles rushed to help her as mister Hurst exclaimed “Come get her inside, I will send for the doctor.” Charles helped Elizabeth carry Jane inside and promptly up the grand stairs to a spare bedroom. Jane was fading in and out of consciousness as Mister Bingley vacated the room and left Elizabeth and two maids to tend to her.

As soon as Jane was in bed, Elizabeth took off her gloves and pressed her hand to her sisters forehead. She hissed under her breath and turned to the nearest maid “Can you bring some water and cloths? She has a fever.” The maid nodded bowing before scurrying off to fulfill her task. A half hour later Georgiana knocked on the door, her dress was changed and her hair was pulled back into some intricate braids. “Miss Darcy…” greeted Elizabeth with a slight nod, as she allowed her entrance. Georgiana sighed looking at Jane and then back at Elizabeth before saying ” You are very brave and strong, to kill ones sisters is no small feat… I am surprised that your two sisters fell prey to the disease… They were quite resilient when they attacked.” Elizabeth’s jaw clenched in discomfort as she replied “I wasn’t there when they were turned, I arrived the following day… To late to do anything. My father was an excellent warrior and he made sure we got the finest training, however every warrior has a unspoken weakness.”

She gestured for Georgiana to take a seat, noticing the look of intrigue upon the young woman’s face she continued “While I had been away my mother had gone to visit some friends in Meryton, upon her return home she claimed that she was feeling ill and went to bed. At least that’s what she told my sisters, however, that was not the case… She had been bitten and was now undead. It took a couple days before she bit my father and together the two lay siege to the household, eating the ladies maids and infecting the rest. My father was the one to attack Lydia when she least expected and Mary was his next victim. When I returned home the following morning I found the household stricken and instantly lay them to rest permanently. All those infected excluding Mary and Lydia were burned to ashes, including my parents. Kitty my second youngest sister and Jane had barricaded themselves in our dojo until I arrived. We have been searching for Mary and Lydia for over two days, I am just horrified that we found them in a position to harm all of you.”

Georgiana stared wide eyed her mouth opening and closing giving the impression of ‘fish out of water’ before finally a gasp escaped her lips. ” Heaven above, you lost your parents and two younger sisters all within a span of a few days. That’s terrible! I know that if my brother was ever infected.,.. I would not have the strength to kill him as you have done.” Elizabeth frowned the grief once again getting hold of her , her eyes began to water and she fought to once again get control of her emotions. Georgiana noticed her mistake in bringing it up and instantly started to apologize “Miss Elizabeth… Forgive me… My mouth often runs away from me. Let’s change the subject.” she rushed to say making Elizabeth pull a small smile and reply “There is nothing to forgive… Tell me about your brother? You sound like you are close.”

Elizabeth sat back trying to keep her mind off her sick sister and what they would now do when Mr. Collins arrives in a few days. ” My brother? Well Fitzwilliam is a Colonel in his majesties army, he has slain many unmentionables in the name of our king. He will actually be arriving here soon…” Elizabeth jolted and asked “Colonel Fitzwilliam Darcy? He is your brother?” When Georgiana nodded in the affirmative, Elizabeth mentally cursed as she thought ‘I just saved the sister of one of the most powerful men in England.’

Authors Note- Please comment and leave stars if possible! I hope you are enjoying this story as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

Chapter 5

Elizabeth sat beside her sister as she moaned and whimpered in her sleep, the doctor had fallen prey to the unmentionables on the road. Thus preventing Jane from getting any real treatment, Georgiana however, encouraged Mister Bingley to send a letter to her brother who could escort a doctor from London to Netherfield. Upon seeing just how ill Jane Bennet was he quickly wrote a letter and sent it off with his best rider, hopeful that the letter would arrive with speed and safety. Thus allowing Jane and Elizabeth to remain at Netherfield till the eldest sister was fully recovered.

“Do you perhaps have some willow bark tea?” asked Elizabeth as a maid entered asking if they need anything. The maid nodded scurrying off through the servant corridors, in search of the tea. All too soon it was dusk, Elizabeth changed into an evening gown ever so thankful to mister Bingley for sending for some of her and Jane’s things. Jane was watching her through heavily lidded eyes “You look beautiful Lizzy.” she assured before falling back to sleep. With a sigh she made her way to the grand staircase, observing the footmen and guards standing nearby. As she descended the grand staircase, she took notice of several lapses in security. From windows to how unarmed the guards were, to how their positions left them vulnerable and ignorant. She mentally catalogued these observations with the hope that she could speak with Mister Bingley about them later. For not only was their safety at risk, but the safety of her and her sister.

To say that supper was awkward was an understatement, Elizabeth was ignored by Louisa and Caroline and when she wasn’t she was the victim of their insults. “Ah Eliza, your style of fighting comes from that of China doesn’t it?” she asked with a smile making Elizabeth reply “Yes, I was trained at the Shaolin temple in the Hunan province… It was there that I learned to endure all manner of discomfort.” Caroline and Louisa shared a look and was about start trouble when Charles spoke up ” How is your sister Miss Elizabeth?” Elizabeth smiled graciously his way as she replied “She is still quite ill sir, however, the willow bark tea has been helping. I am must admit that I am quite eager for the physician to arrive, it has been years since my sister or I have ever gotten ill.” Louisa spoke up “I detest illness, it leaves us in a remarkable state of inelegance.”

Elizabeth smirked “But even in a state of inelegance a warrior can dispatch unmentionables, those more adept in the feminine arts can not say the same.” Louisa and Caroline took this opportunity and chose to remain silent, Georgiana had to hide her smile as she said “Well said Miss Elizabeth, tell me… How are you enjoying your stay here at Netherfield?” Lizzy smiled at the young blonde, grateful for her backing ” I have unfortunately been unable to see the grounds and this magnificent house beyond the grand staircase, this and my sister’s room. However, from what I have seen so far, I believe that Mister Bingley has quite a beautiful estate. Add a few more security measures and it will stay that way for a long time to come.” she replied respectfully.

Mister Hurst who had thus remained silent through the course of the meal asked “What security measures do you speak of? Netherfield is by far the best protected estate in Meryton, unmentionables have no chance here.” he stated proudly raising his glass to Charles who returned the gesture but was awaiting Miss Elizabeth’s reply none the less. Elizabeth’s smile turned sour as she replied “The previous lady of the house said the same to some degree Mister Hurst. Sadly Misses Featherstone and her household joined the undead not long after she rejected my father’s help in securing the place. I believe that a Colonel Darcy? Yes that was the gentleman’s name, had to come rid the whole estate of the infestation.”

The name of Mister Darcy caught everyone’s attention making Bingley quickly reply “Well I for one feel that you can never be too careful, and I would be extremely grateful if you addressed these security issues with the head of my guards Mister Burlap. If you do not mind that is? Darcy was going to do that when he arrived however seeing what happened earlier today, I feel that the sooner some of these concerns are addressed the better.” Elizabeth bowed her head towards him accepting the assignment, before reaching for her glass of water and gulping down the rest of the contents. Mister Hurst looked disgruntled but went back to eating his smoked salmon, Georgiana leaned towards Elizabeth and asked “Might I accompany you when you speak with the head of the guards? I can suggest some things that have worked for Pemberley in the past” nodding in agreement, the rest of supper was silent.

The following two hours Elizabeth spent discussing security measures with Mister Burlap, Georgiana being a great ally and assisting her in getting the stubborn old man to corporate. She returned to Jane and found her resting fitfully, with a sigh she settled into the nearby chair with her blade and musket resting on her lap.

The next morning

Darcy was sitting at his desk in the inn that he was staying in, when there came a knock at the door. After cautiously approaching the door with his pistol at the ready, he swung the door open and found a young man who startled. “Who are you?” he asked in an impassive tone, not amused at being disturbed in the slightest. The man pulled out a letter and replied “Captain Bingley sent this sir, he said that it was important and I rode through the night to get it here .” Darcy looked at the letter with concern and a form of anxiousness before taking the letter and passing the man several coins in thanks. He closed the door before moving swiftly to his desk and opening the letter.


My friend I have some news. While transporting my sisters and dear Georgiana to Netherfield, a storm came upon us muddying the path we were on. About ten miles from our destination we were attacked by a large horde of zombies. Our escorts did not last long forcing myself and dare I say it, Georgiana to go out and meet the horde in combat. However this particular group of unmentionables was very organized and it was not long before only your sister, an escort and I remained. I have never ever been so afraid in my life Darcy!

I looked up to the heavens and sent a prayer asking for God’s angels to save us… And my god he did. We were saved by two of the protectors of Meryton , they were ruthless in combat and dispatched the horde with great care. Once they burned the carcasses they escorted us safely to Netherfield, however, they had been in the rain for a long time and one has gotten terribly ill. We sent for the local physician but he did not make it and has since joined the ranks of the undead. I must beg that you bring a physician down with you, I owe these protectors everything and the least I can do is help them recover.

Fear not Georgiana is well and has become friends with the protectors.


Your friend

Charles Bingley of Netherfield

Darcy stared at the letter slack jawed before he quickly summoned his valet, deciding that he should leave a day earlier than planned. Hoping that he could find a doctor nearby that wouldn’t mind accompanying him to the small area, he began packing. A few hours later everything was in order, allowing the physician, Valet, four guards and himself to depart for Netherfield.




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