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    Dogs are man’s best friend but the dog presented in this series is not an ordinary dog by any means. This dog can sense the thoughts of people and can feel the danger from miles away. Woody Bookman is in trouble perhaps bigger than the boy expects, after the death of his father the boy does not talk much. Kipp, the dog can still hear the thoughts of the boy and sense the danger which is coming closer to Woody after every passing day. Meghan the mother of Woody wants to save her child at any rate because she does not want to lose him as she lost her husband eleven years ago.

    There is something which Woody is not telling his mother or any other soul i.e his powers are growing fast and a time will soon come when he would not be able to hide those powers. His enemies will reach him soon after that as they are on his tail for the last eleven years. The death of Woody’s father was not an accident rather it was a planned assassination by the rivals who are still after the family.


    Kipp happens to be the only hope Woody and his mother are left within this time of danger and the dog is ready to transform into an ally of the family. Dean Koontz the one who created fiction like Elsewhere and Watchers has come up with another cool job. The author talks about the dog as if he is talking about a human being who can feel and hear unuttered words. Edoardo Ballerini was up to the mark in narration all the time in the story and there is not even the slightest weakness shown by him.

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