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    Pretty girls have made so many mistakes over the years that most of the people in town don’t believe them anymore. Their lies and their unethical relations have torn their personalities apart but still this time they claim that they are telling the truth. No one in the calm town is ready to believe what the girls say because they have no proof to prove themselves. The first strange thing that the girls find in the forest is a dead body that horrifies them to the core of their hearts.

    Almost the whole of the village turns upside down after hearing the news; everyone rushes to the spot but finds nothing except dust and dirt. Gossips start to spread against the girls as many people think that they are mentally not normal anymore.


    The second time when the four naughty girls visit the forest they see someone starting a fire in it and that someone is supposed to be dead. The novel is a lot different from Pretty Little Liars and Unbelievable in the sense that the girls are trying to prove themselves right instead of trying to hide their secrets.

    This effort to prove themselves right becomes the source of trouble for them, the killer comes after them to eradicate these witnesses forever. Sara Shepard has launched a new phase of the series; Hanna and the rest of the gang are not thinking about affairs any further rather they are working as a team.

    Still, some odd things can be witnessed when we hear Cassandra Morris narrating the technique of a girl to bring back the dead. Not boring of course but seeing bad girls turning good looks a little less appealing to many people.

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