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    Conspiracies have threatened the people in high positions since the beginning of time and in media world this thing is highlighted more than ever now. Ryan Holding has selected three people in his book that the author narrates himself for the viewers. The three people are like celebrities in the media and knowing something as private as their sex life is really the thing in media. This can also destroy those people forever not only in front of their staff of colleagues but in front of their families too.

    Thus conspiracies are never helpful they are always devastating and destructive for everyone around especially to the people they are linked with. Peter thiel is the first one under discussion in the book, a public figure and the founder of a big firm is actually gay.

    People around him like his close friends know about the issue but they never talked about it in media and now the thing is out. Then there is another conspiracy that Thiel has faced over the year’s i.e the Gawker problem.


    Most of the people think that Thiel was behind the destruction of Gawker and though it’s an open secret but no one has the proofs. The sex tape of Hogan started the war once again as it could prove to be the one thing they needed to start the war once again. Florida’s legal system too is questioned in this book and everything once again turned against Gawker though he was confident in his approach the second time.

    The book has tags of the original case and thus an interesting one if one wants to know what really happened between the two.  Stillness Is the Key and Ego Is the Enemy are also books that could prove quite helpful for us in our everyday life but neither of them touches the caliber of this book which is more real in approach.

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