Juliet Takes a Breath


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    Juliet is going for a time out in this novel as she is tired of the daily fuss that she faces in Bronx; the plan is to go to Portland for a few days. Her relation with her mother is suffering badly and there is a high proportion that the mother and daughter might not talk to each other in the future. But she does not want to think about it or any other issue that she currently faces in Bronx; it’s because of these mind blowing things that she wants to jump out of this world.

    Plans that she has made are unique, it is a kind of survey that she is making during which she will learn what the word lesbian really means. Then a search on feminism would be done which too has become the talk of the town now. Juliet wants to go deeper in these things so that she can forget all that she faces now.

    Juliet Takes a Breath

    Gabby Rivera in her first book puts different issues in front of the society through the character named Juliet. Actually it is the author who is raising these questions through the girl who is on an exploring tour. Discussions are made and some research is done but none of these issues get a concrete solution or answer.

    The book is more of a questionnaire for the audience and if someone is trying to find answers through it then he is going the wrong way. The answers are left for us to find out. Lillian Claire narrates it not like a story rather she narrates it like a lecture that is delivered to the audience.

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