Finders Keepers Audiobook: A Novel

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    Finders Keepers: A Novel By Stephen King

    Finder keepers is a cat behind a mouse story where the finders and the keepers keep following to reach the baseline and gets to find another little-known secret that is even more important to solve and to reveal the actual incident lead to the further happenings.

    The story revolves around the murderer Morris who murders Rothstein the writer of the Runner series and acquires the money as well as the invaluable books in which the writer has kept the story in private and has not published for years.

    The murderer saved the books and the money in a box hidden in his home when he was sentenced to prison for his life due to another crime. After years, young Peter and his father who was injured during the Mr. Mercedes incident along with his family came to live in the Old Morris house.

    Finders Keepers: A Novel By Stephen King

    There Peter found the box with the money and the notebook. He used the money to feed his family and ended up with only the notebooks having the Runner’s story inside them.

    He then realized the value of the notebooks and thought if he could use it for improving their financial condition. After years Morris was released on parol and came back to find the box finding that it was being emptied. Soon he starts finding the Peter family and the story starts developing when the Mr. Mercedes detective Hodges comes to action to reveal the actual murder story behind all the things found.

    The whole suspense goes on perfectly to give a whole story that develops while encompassing all characters in a unique way. The whole suspense is created in a way that you never know from which angle you will be drifted to the next suspense revelation in an exciting manner.


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