You’re Going to Mars!


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    The story centers around triplets named Scissor, Rock, and paper. It is the dream of Paper to travel to Mars someday. But before that dream is accomplished, she has to pass through series of tests, trials, and troubles. The almost impossible goal to reach mass might seem insurmountable for most people. But she is seriously determined to make her dream a reality. Even after passing through the troubles, she still needs to beat about 25 other contestants to win the sole ticket she craves for.

    When it comes to intelligence and smartness, she is capable. But only those two ingredients are not enough to make her scale through this thick competition.   She has to decide at what level she is willing to go if she really wants to reach her lifetime goal of traveling to Mars.

    This science-fiction thriller is one you will love if you have a competitive spirit. Rob Dircks tells this action-packed adventure in a way that will keep anyone glued to their seat till the end. And just like Gigi Make Paradox, the suspense in this one is spot on.

    You're Going to Mars!

    It comes with a lot of intrigues and emotions. The plot is solid and well structured, and each character has realistic representation just like they are in the dialogue.

    And when it comes to narration, Khristine Hvam definitely killed it. She did an excellent job with proper diction and better character representation. There are lots of emotional highs and lows with too much action throughout the book.

    Dircks has delightfully and carefully constructed an interesting story that is completely engaging. This is the type of book that will be very interesting to make into a movie. There are lots of characters you can easily fall in love with, whether they are playing the villain role or the hero role. The book is certainly an entertaining and engaging read.

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