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    The book opens with the voice of Christopher Lane who has a habit of inspiring the audience with a voice that appeals and creates fear at the same time. The novel has thrill, murder mystery, and an element of surprise which grips you out of nowhere. The spookiness of the scenes can make a person’s heart freeze any moment so hold tight if you are listening to Dean Koontz’s latest. The story does not start smoothly like Elsewhere and Watchers rather it opens up with dead bodies.


    In the winter months, the blood of the locals run cold not because of the climatic conditions but because of the dead bodies which they receive one after another. Four dead bodies are found on four consecutive days. Seeing a dead body is a scary thing but seeing a dead body that is almost torn to pieces is impossible to bear. Local police start investigating the scene as they think that a terrible criminal is at work. Much investigation is done but no evidence is found against anyone in the area.

    Mind races elsewhere when people feel that something is stalking them in the snow. Something which is surely not human at all is at work against the people of the locality. Silver eyed beast looks hungry and it wants to tear down one body a day. The only solution to get rid of the problem is to kill the beast if it is a beast and not a monster from outer space. Everyone is prey until the beast is slain and sooner or later it will come for each member of the area without any mercy.

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    What the Night Knows


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