What the Night Knows


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    John Calvino was just a teenager when he survived out of a miracle after killing the slayer of four families. Now in his middle ages, the detective gets into trouble once again, it seems that the same sort of killing machine is back. Alton Turner Blackwood in the past killed four families and among those four families, John Calvino was the only survivor as he killed the killer.

    What the Night Knows

    The same kind of killer is slaying families and John thinks that he and his family would be next. Several reasons are there which force the detective to think in this way and looks like this time he has to face a crazier lunatic. If anyone looks and the situation it seems that old Blackwood is back for the mission he left incomplete but this cannot happen as John killed him with his own hands. It is after Devoted and Darkfall that Dean Koontz has created such a thriller in which time is moving fast for the hero.

    If he loses to keep up with the situation he will lose his family and perhaps his life too in a big way. John was ready to see in the eyes of death as a teenager and he is not stepping back again, only this time he is there to protect his family too. He does not want to lose his family a second time as the first incident took away his parents, brothers, and sister. The killer is after his three children and wife in this scenario and John is ready for the showdown. The killer is like a shadow who is everywhere but you just can’t catch him because he vanishes behind the dark shades. Gear up for Steven Weber’s narration in the novel which will make your hair stand.

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