A Caress of Twilight


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    A Caress of Twilight (Merry Gentry Book 2)

    After a successful first volume of the series, this second part takes the story to the next level this time. Laurell K. Hamilton has kept the same pace with the story and the intensity has not lessened since the first page of book one. Whenever you start the book there is the promise of action right from page one and you never tend to get bored at all.

    The competition of the Faerie crown still continues but this time it becomes more deadly when Prince Cel tries to kill Meredith Gentry in order to get rid of his troubles forever. The birth of a royal child is the game changer this time. Both Cel and Meredith must bear a child in order to claim the throne of the ancient land and the first one with the child wins the throne. It first looks quite easy to Meredith as she already has conceived a child with her royal guard and her for the first time in her life observes that there is no such sublime feeling than giving birth to a child.

    A Caress of Twilight


    The story as other dramatic aspects as well just when everything seems to be accurate for the upcoming Queen of the Faerie empire, the land is attacked by a great deadly force that cannot be controlled by any ordinary mean. Thus the queen is with two tasks first to protect her child and second to protect the land that she wants to claim after the birth of her child. The forces this time are so evil that they can leave a permanent impact on reality if they are not tamed at the right time.    

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