The Dream Gatherer


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    At the start of the series, Kristen Britain told us about a simple girl who just wanted to skip school for a while later we never had the opportunity to see that girl relaxing. No matter how hard Karigan has tried she has just not succeeded in bringing peace into her life. She has tried to run and hide in Green Rider and First Rider’s Call but of no avail. Evil spirits and dark forces just find her whether she is under the slab of a grave. Finding no time to relax Karigan requests his friend to tell her some stories to provide her the peace of mind she has been looking for over the last many years. These two short stories are told to Karigan by her friend to soothe her troubled mind.

    The Dream Gatherer

    The author also has devised this plan to take the fans away from the main storyline for a while so that we can also relax a while too. The first story which Ellen Archer narrates is about a Dream Gatherer i.e a device to get hold of the dreams and the people who are present in the dream. Later the device becomes out of control when it starts catching nightmares. The second short story is about another green rider who just like Karigan i.e in pursuit of happiness.

    He tries to run away from his fate as far as possible but the troubles just keep on coming for him. Such a book was due on Kristen because he just kept the fans charged up for a very long time and everyone needs a break.

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