Storm of Steel


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    We come to the Saxon world again and now it has been a decade since the whole thing started that plunged Beobrand into the fight of a lifetime. The story takes place into the southern region once again in which Beobrand came to in Killer of Kings and after the revelation of several secrets in that part he considers it his home. But he sees an entirely new picture of this region that he never laid stress in the previous journey, dark secrets about slavery are revealed and things start looking a bit hideous. In the mean while the kidnapping of girl engages him in another mission that he considered to be of secondary importance but he plunges into it just because a friend asks him for help.

    Storm of Steel

    He starts for the sea that is not friendly in appearance but he thinks that the luck is with him this time. The tossing seas cause terrible problems in the voyage but the journey goes on because Beobrand thinks that he is not made for a defeat.

    Winning comes in the end like always but the listeners get the hint that Beobrand has finally used all his luck and now the defeat or death is near ready to pounce on him whenever the time is right.

    The war lord has made too many enemies now and it looks that they are now gathering around him and he is taking things in a less serious way because of his past achievements. Matthew Harffy’s famous trend is to make his heroes look go down and then rise from the ashes. Barnaby Edwards’ accuracy touches its peak and now at this stage we cannot doubt the quality of the narration in any standards.


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