Empire of Ivory


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This part is a little different from the rest as Naomi Novik takes us a little away from the main show. The dragons almost all of them have fallen into a sickening condition. An epidemic that seems to have no cure at all brings havoc to the dragon world.

The thing becomes a threat for Britain government as the French dragons start attacking their sips because they are found defenseless on most of the occasions. The dragon riders that once safeguarded the domains of their country are now useless.

Luckily there are still a few dragons like the Temeraire that are not yet affected by the dangerous plague. Thus once again Will Laurence proves to be the only hope for his nation as he flies to Africa for the cure.

Empire of Ivory

But he must return in time otherwise his country would be without and air defense in the future which means that they will lose the war in which they once had a upper hand. Simon Vance too uses a grim sound this time in order to show the sad spectacle of the dragons. Simon Vance has experimented with his voice on most occasions and has remained successful up till now.

This time Captain Will and his crew only have hope and nothing else is left this time for him to rely on. We have never seen the pair in so desperate condition even in parts like Book 1: His Majesty’s Dragon and Book 3: Black Powder War. The threats were there but not so much desperation and gloominess. It’s like everything coming to a drastic end and the ray of hope becoming thinner and thinner.


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Black Powder War

Victory of Eagles


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