Hell Divers X: Fallout


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    Hell Divers X: Fallout is a dystopian post-apocalyptic science fiction & fantasy category book which is beautifully authored by Nicholas Sansbury Smith. It is the 10th chapter in the Hell Divers novel series. Nicholas Sansbury is a bestselling author of this amazing Hell Divers novel series. Hell Divers is arguably the bestselling author and is highly recommended. Moreover, you will also love the Wild Fire novel by the same author.

    R. C. Bray has done the narration of Hell Divers X: Fallout novel and he was able to create magic with his voice. You will like every part of this audio novel in his soulful voice.

    Captain Rolo in a shocking betrayal had vaporized the Immortal supercarrier with a nuclear warhead. It was all meant for wiping out the Vanguard forces. He knew very little that King Xavier and also the surviving Hell Diver along with Cazador teams were not aboard from Brisbane.

    The Outpost Gateway in Panama had suffered a very different kind of disaster. There were attacked by the carnivorous vines. Director Rodger Mintel sent out a desperate SOS just as the voracious coils ripped within the bunker.

    It was at the Vanguard Islands where the Charmer framed Michael Everhart for a couple of murders. Layla was the wife of Michael who was quite frantic to prove the innocence of her husband, just as the evidence against him started to pile up.

    The knights of the Coral Castle back in Queensland dragged captive Hell Diver Kade Long to be their leader. He was known as the Forerunner.

    The masterwork of Nicholas Sansbury Smith continued with this Hell Divers X: Fallout novel. you will not only love the writing and characters of this book but its narration as well.

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